Claudia Tijou-Smith

Kent, England, United Kingdom

Specialisms: Anxiety, Depression, Family Divorce & Separation, Panic Attacks, Relationships, Stress, Trauma

I offer online or telephone counselling to adults in or have been in narcissistic abuse or coercive control relationships. The way I work breaks down geographical barriers, making it easier for survivors to access help from anywhere. I decided to specialise in this after experiencing it myself for 25 years and finally breaking free to physical and psychological safety. Is your partner telling you something didn’t happen when you have evidence it did? Do you approach your partner about a problem you have with them for it to be twisted around and the problem turned back on you? These are common questions their victims ask in counselling and I can assist you in supporting you and giving you a sense of safety on your road to recovery, empowering you and protecting yourself from future harm.

For individuals who have experienced coercive control, the comfort of being in their own space can create a sense of safety during counselling sessions. Online counselling provides a level of anonymity that can be empowering for survivors who may feel hesitant to seek help in person. These benefits cater well to survivors of narcissistic abuse or coercive control, offering a supportive and accessible avenue for healing and recovery.

I have years of experience working with clients as a counsellor in private practice and with the local branch of Mind, also as an advisor on mental health on Government contracts for a health company. I have completed a wide range of additional training courses in trauma and narcissism and understand the challenges people in those types of relationships experience.

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