George Drakos

United Kingdom
George Drakos

Specialisms: Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment, Bereavement & Loss, Children / Child Issues, Clinical Supervision, Depression, Dissociation, Eating Disorders, Emotional Issues, Gender, Panic Attacks, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self-harm, Sex & Sexuality, Stress, Substance Abuse, Trauma

Hello and welcome- many thanks for reading my counselling profile!

My name is George and I am based in England. I am a UK licensed therapist (BACP) with 7 years of professional working experience.

My experience comes from helping people dealing with relationship issues, anxiety and depression, motivation, self esteem and confidence, work-related issues, addiction/s, lgbt-related issues, sexuality and gender identity, while I specialise in work-life balance. Throughout my practise, a client group of deep focus for me has been the treatment of people who are coping with grief and loss, as well as various forms of abuse and trauma.

My approach to therapy is mainly synthetic (integrative), which simply means that I combine techniques and strategies from various counselling modalities. Given the knowledge I have gained from 2 long therapy trainings I have attended so far, I draw influence from Psychoanalytic approach and Integrative Psychotherapeutic approach.

Overall, my experience extends to therapeutic cooperations with both short term and long term clients. Further to this, my working background is varied and across settings, as I have also provided one-off sessions in Helpline working as well as Crisis Services (psychological emergencies).

As a person and a practitioner, I hold the lifeview that every human being is a ‘product’ of our closest relationships, our environment and our family systems. Within those circumstances, I support and trust that each individual is doing their best within their capacity and given the resources they have/had available.

For the above reasons, I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, understanding and compassion, with the aim of co-creating a non-judgemental space where the individual can feel safe to express their genuine true self, explore their feelings and thoughts in their own pace, so as to gradually reach their full potential.

Progress and change can sometimes feel painful for us all, while the process of working towards our goals isn’t always linear- and that’s ok! It’s part of what makes us beautifully flawed and human – progress goes in every direction and in all kinds of paces. It’s uniquely your goal and your progress with it, no right or wrong.

My intention is that I will tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique & specific needs. My top priority is to meet you where you are- whether you are working towards insight, symptom/s, relief or change. Taking the first step to sign up for therapy can take courage, strenght and will power to work towards a more fullfilling and happier life.

I am proud of you for getting started-
I shall look forward to listen, explore and support your story!

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