Jenny Cleary

Ranelagh Road, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Jenny Cleary

Specialisms: Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment, Behavioural Issues, Bereavement & Loss, Compulsions, Depression, Dissociation, Emotional Issues, Panic Attacks, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma

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I am a therapist with a background in nature and art.

I work with clients within a therapeutic indoor space or out in nature, journeying alongside to help you realign unfurling towards true potential.

Have you forgotten what brings you joy?

Have you woken up and realised most of your life you’ve been just surviving?

Do you feel there is something ‘more’ within you that you’d like to discover…
Perhaps you would like to connect more with nature… or nurture your creative side.

Coming from a Person Centred perspective, I use an integrative approach… creatively tailored to suit individual needs.
Using Counselling, Art therapy, connecting with nature… integrating the body with the mind on an inner journey healing and unfurling towards an authentic self.
To be ‘at home’ within oneself.

We all have within us the power to heal.
It is innate in our being.
The power is in your felt sense.
It’s the emotions you carry.
It’s the somatic sensations that you hold.
It is all there, right within you body.
No Guru or teacher has the answers.
They are with you.
They within your body.
All you have to do is reunify the mind and body.
All you have to do is trust what is there.

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