Juliet Smart

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Juliet Smart

Fee per hour: 40.00

understand how scary the world can be sometimes and even more so when you bare your soul to someone you don’t know. If you feel you need a person to talk to, vent to, listen to you then I have availability to take on new clients at present. I have enough life experience in different fields not to be shocked so if you need an ear I am here.
I offer a no obligation virtual meet to discuss your requirements. Generally we will meet at the same time each week/ month to set a routine. No subject is out of bounds. Whatever is causing you concern will be absolutely okay with me. We work together confidentially in a safe space. I also continually develop my practice with new skills and tools to make sure that my work is up to date and open to new ideas.
My work is person centred which means we work together to understand what you need and how to reach your ideal place. I will not give you advice or impose my judgement on you. I will gently hold a

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