Kenneth Barker-Graham

Burnley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Kenneth Barker-Graham

Specialisms: Anxiety, Bereavement & Loss, Couples Counselling, Depression, Gender, Relationships, Sex & Sexuality, Suicidal Thoughts

Hi I am Ken.   (He/Him)

Are you a member of the LGBTQ community looking for therapy? I have worked at both the LGBT Foundation and also in private practice,  I have supported individuals and couples some issues clients have come to me with include self-identity; I understand the different pronouns, terminology and subsections that people associate with. Worries and fears of coming out to family and friends; and social stigma. In my couples work I have supported clients  negotiating diverse relationship needs and different types of relationships, communication issues and relationship breakdown.  I can also support you with none LGBT related issues.

Working together I can support you as an individual to build your self-worth confidence and to become your true self.  My couples I support with a better understanding of each other’s communication styles and needs,  and to achieve a sense of the way forward.

I also support straight couples with communication, conflict and worries about relationship breakdown.

With extensive experience of supporting clients through Bereavement and Suicide, I understand the complexities of loss and change when someone loses a loved one. Understanding, often it can be hard imagining a future without them. Working together, I will support you to a state of living of your new normal’. I also understand those complex unanswered questions you may have after someone has taken their own life, why me?, why did this happen? We can work through these together.

I also support clients presenting with many varied different issues and concerns

I have over 20 years experience of working with individuals with, Autism,  learning disabilities, their families and carers.

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