Madeleine Ayling

Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Madeleine Ayling

Fee per hour: 55.00

Specialisms: Anxiety, Emotional Issues, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress

Hi, I’m Madeleine and I’m a qualified counsellor working by video, phone and email with adults (18+) across the UK. I specialise in working with eczema, anxiety and neurodivergent clients. I am LGBTQ+ and poly/ENM affirming, sex positive, kink aware, body and fat positive.

Neurodivergence Counselling:
Have you always felt different from others, maybe “too much” and “not enough” at the same time?
You might be feeling overwhelmed, confused, burnt out and struggling with grief and shame about the past and present challenges. Maybe you have been recently diagnosed or realised you may be neurodivergent and want to explore what this means to you.
I can help you feel more confident, recognise your strengths, become accepting and compassionate towards yourself and work out what you need and how to ask for it.

Eczema counselling:
I understand from my own experiences with eczema how much it can disrupt your life. The physical symptoms such as the itchiness, discomfort and visible signs of eczema can lead to a range of emotions, such as frustration, grief, embarrassment and isolation. You may be struggling with sleep, self-consciousness that impacts your relationships or the after-effects of childhood bullying. Eczema can take a huge toll on your emotional well-being and it’s really common to struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s often a vicious cycle of stress causing flare-ups, and the eczema leading to worsening mental health.
Together we can explore the challenges you face, build resilience and self-compassion, process the grief of what you may have missed out on, improve your self-esteem and develop strategies to reduce stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and Stress Counselling:
Life can feel overwhelming at times. You may be feeling tense, anxious and stressed, unable to stop worrying and feeling that you can’t switch off. You might want to feel calmer, more relaxed, to sleep more easily and feel able to face your problems.
There are many different parts of our lives that can leave us feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed, including relationships, work, feelings about ourselves, past experiences and fear of the future.
I can help you to find ways to lessen this anxiety, to explore your thoughts and feelings and to see problematic parts of your life more clearly.

I support clients in looking at problems in their life and any patterns from the past that may no longer be working for them, building awareness of what’s going on for them and their relationships and working on being more compassionate to themselves. I help them explore how to live a life that feels more true to them, not how they’re expected to be by other people.

I tailor sessions to fit individual clients – maybe you want homework or you may hate the idea, you may want to try creative techniques, look at coping strategies or include CBT in our work together. I will always listen, be compassionate, curious and supportive.

I offer a discounted introductory session where you can find out if the way I work is right for you.

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