Roger Harrison

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Roger Harrison

Fee per hour: 55.00

Specialisms: Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment, Compulsions, Emotional Issues, Gender, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self-harm, Sex & Sexuality, Stress, Substance Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Work & Career

Hello, my name is Roger (he/him), I am an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and recovery/sober coach. I was born in 1968 as a gay man and live in Manchester UK. I am in a civil partnership and my Muslim partner is from Asia. This brought additional experiences and undoubtedly helped to enhance insight and working with other differences from a therapeutic position. I have another profession as a senior lecturer, and directly supported hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world. I do not follow any prescribed faith, and see myself as spiritual.

I was awarded my initial postgraduate qualification in Psychosynthesis Counselling from University of East London in 2010, and participated in much Continuing Professional Development since that time. I also received formal professional training as a Recovery Coach, based on the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR). I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and have regular supervision to meet the Professional Code of Conduct. Most of the adults I work with meet online using a free secure platform from Psychotherapy Today, although I see some people face-to-face from my home office in south Manchester.

My approach to therapy is unique to each person, and continually evolves, in part as our scientific understanding expands. It is best considered an integrative and person-centred method, which appropriately brings in the transpersonal, unconscious and conscious connections to help people become unstuck, released from pain/trauma/ self-limiting beliefs, and positively be more of who they truly are. I also utilise somatic/body relationships, always incorporating a whole body-mind-spirit connection, or in basic terms an eastern-western perspective. How these approaches manifest themselves with an individual will be totally dependent upon what it is they are seeking, what best meets their needs and what they are most comfortable with at any given time.

I have had the privilege of helping people for a wide-range of reasons. Furthermore, I am also experienced in working with people who align with the LGBTQI+ / Gender, Sex, Relationship Diverse (GSRD) communities; and have expertise in relation to alcohol/drugs (substances) or sex/chemsex/pornography/gambling (behaviours), which I have a deep connection reflecting my own recovery and now 25 years of what I define as sobriety. I use either a counselling and psychotherapeutic approach, or a model of recovery coaching. I have contributed to the progressive development of support for Gender, Sex, Relationship Diversity (GSRD/LGBTQI+) in Greater Manchester and nationally, establishing support groups (e.g. Gay Men in Recovery), national workshops and new peer mentoring roles (LGBT Foundation UK) with regards to problem use of alcohol, drugs (street and prescribed), sex/pornography/chemsex and gambling, and feature on international podcasts (you can read about my personal experience at

I provide short term (a minimum commitment of six appointments) or longer, open-ended periods of engagement, and my approach is most suited to weekly (sometimes fortnightly, usually influenced by a person’s financial circumstances) appointments which last one hour. These are delivered online through a confidential platform developed specifically for psychotherapists and counsellors. I also have a private counselling room in my own home, based in south Manchester. The first session usually involves collecting some background information about the client; explaining the standard working agreement, with an emphasis on boundaries and confidentiality; and more detail about the ways in which I work as a therapist and as a recovery coach. Subsequent sessions will then introduce a range of counselling and therapeutic techniques, which can extend from the talking, listening and reflecting work, to that which recognises the body-mind (somatic) connection and can involve simple mindfulness exercises, visualisation, to name just a few.

I provide an opportunity for individual’s to select the amount that they are able and comfortable to pay, on a sliding scale of £55 to £70 per one hour session (international rates will vary dependent on different insurance needs). I also provide opportunities for concessions, based on an individual’s circumstances. Please do get in touch to discuss.

I hope to have answered any questions that you might have, and I encourage you to take the opportunity of a free, no-obligation 15 minute call/online so that we can find out a little more about each other to help you decide whether you make an appointment or seek alternative sources of help.

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