Sarah Kirrane

Love Lane, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Sarah Kirrane

Fee per hour: 70.00

Specialisms: Abuse, Anxiety, Bereavement & Loss, Emotional Issues, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress, Trauma, Work & Career

You may be wondering what led you here today. Sometimes we can experience lots of different thoughts and feelings and not quite understand why. Are you feeling low in mood or anxious right now? Maybe you’re feeling lost and a bit overwhelmed? Have you lost someone or something important to you? 

If you aren’t quite sure about what you need right now, don’t worry. I am here to help you figure that out. The first step is for you to drop me a message so that we can arrange an initial chat and we can go from there. The initial call is a really good way for us both to figure out what it is that you are hoping for and for you to see how you feel talking to me and if you would then like to book your first session. 

How can I help you?

You may have noticed that I refer to myself as a loss and bereavement counsellor. Having spent a number of years supporting people grieving for loved ones, I understand the profound impact that grief can have on us. It is always a privilege to hear about my clients unique and individual experiences and although talking won’t bring the person back, it can be helpful to talk about how their death is impacting you. If you are feeling alone and are carrying very difficult feelings of guilt or regret, for example, then counselling provides an opportunity to express this and to find ways of coping that may serve you better. 

I am also passionate about supporting people as they try to come to terms with another type of loss they are facing. The term ‘loss’ covers so many different things and we can often be grieving for something without realising that it is grief we are feeling. I wonder if you sometimes find yourself thinking about the life you had imagined for yourself v’s the life you are living? Do you ever think “I didn’t think I’d be here at this age” or do you regret earlier life decisions? 

How is your health at the moment? Are you struggling with something that hasn’t yet been diagnosed or are you now trying to get your head around a difficult diagnosis? 

Loss of health is something that I am particularly passionate about because like you, I know the struggle that comes with being sick. I have been there myself and it’s not easy! I understand how frightening it can be when your body lets you down, how isolating it can be and the exhaustion that comes with having to go to all of your appointments, take new medication and face the side effects that can come with this. 

In today’s fast-paced world, our experiences of loss are quickly pushed aside as we are forced to ‘get on with it’. Working from a warm, welcoming office space in Pinner, I can offer you the quiet time you might need right now to reflect upon your experience away from the noise and chaos of everyday life.

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