Tracy Townsend

Exmouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Tracy Townsend

My name is Tracy, I am a Counsellor based in Exmouth, Devon.

I understand reaching out for help is challenging, I aim to make your experience as easy as I can.

I offer counselling to adults, working together to help make your life that bit easier, although my extensive training is person centred, I draw on other modalities where necessary to tailor the session for you the client.

I love the work I do, I feel privileged to be part of peoples journeys to get them onto the path they wish to be on.

I have experience in many areas including, but not limited to; anxiety, depression, sexual abuse and low self-esteem. People come to counselling for a variety of reasons. Everyone experiences the world differently, what matters to one person may not matter so much or at all to another. No two counselling sessions (or counsellors) are the same, they are as unique and focused as the people in it. So if it matters to you, it matters, lets explore.

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